Successful Maintenance, Services & Innovation Seminar in Brazil

The third edition of the Brazilian Customer Servicing Seminar, jointly arranged by Paul Wurth and SMS group, took place on 18 and 19 May 2016, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.

This year’s programme comprised topics related to Paul Wurth’s portfolio in cokemaking, ironmaking and agglomeration, and was complemented by presentations on continuous casting, flat and long products manufacturing, presented by the SMS group. The two-day event was attended by about 180 maintenance and engineering specialists from all major South American plants as well as Paul Wurth and SMS colleagues from all over the world.

The presented lectures were based on a previous survey conducted in order to identify the market’s needs, especially in terms of servicing. Attending customers were also given the opportunity to make presentations related to the Group’s products and activities. On Paul Wurth side, the presented papers and discussions covered blast furnace relines, coke oven battery hot repairs, on-site maintenance activities, hot repairs on hot blast stoves, valve and gearbox refurbishment & modernisation, sinter plant maintenance, casthouse and measuring equipment refurbishment. Furthermore, this customer event was also a perfect venue to present a number of innovations developed by Paul Wurth in recent times.

An outstanding moment was when a customer got up during a speech about local equipment reconditioning and brought to the attention of the attendees that Paul Wurth is always available to meet the customer′s requirements. He gave the example of his request made during the last seminar on BLT? gearbox refurbishment in Brazil that was put into reality!

Besides being an excellent forum for close exchange and discussion, this seminar provided a good opportunity for showing customers the main ongoing activities in the servicing area as well as identifying their needs and future expectations from the Paul Wurth and SMS Group.

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