New Blast Furnace of Bhushan Power & Steel delivers Hot Metal

No.2 blast furnace of Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd. (BPSL) at Rengali, Odisha, has commenced operations on the 7th of November, 2017.

Design and engineering for this completely new ironmaking unit have been executed by Paul Wurth. Orders for the equipment supply have been placed mainly in 2014. The furnace is designed for a daily hot metal production of 4,450 tons. With a hearth diameter of 9.6 meters, it has an inner volume of 2,015 cubic meters and is fitted with 2 tapholes and 25 tuyeres.

Since this blast furnace is completely of Paul Wurth design, it has a closed loop water cooling system with staves (both copper and cast iron) over the entire height of the BF shell. It is furthermore equipped with a Central Feed type Bell Less Top? charging system, a modern gas cleaning plant with axial cyclone and annular gap scrubber, the company’s tuyere stocks and TMT*’s tapping machinery. Important sub-plants of Paul Wurth design are the INBA? slag granulation and the pulverized coal injection.

Big attention has been given to proper process control. This is supported by a number of TMT’s probes and an extensive package of BFXpert? models and modules including the SACHEM? advisory system.

The construction of the blast furnace and its auxiliaries was carried out by BPSL. The above mentioned technologies and systems and some other critical items like carbon blocks for the hearth have been delivered by the Paul Wurth group. Our teams also provided continuous supervision services to ensure the quality of work in accordance with standards specified by Paul Wurth.

After the furnace has been successfully built, tested and blown in, Bhushan Power & Steel and Paul Wurth are now jointly working on a fast and smooth production ramp-up. The project involved services and supply executed by Paul Wurth teams coming from the company’s subsidiaries in India, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, China, Russia and the Czech Republic.

* TMT Tapping Measuring Technology is a joint company of Dango & Dienenthal Maschinenbau and Paul Wurth

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