The beginnings

1870: Eugène Muller builds a boilermaking facility in Luxembourg Hollerich, known to the townsfolk by the name "Kesselfabrek". This is the birth of the Paul Wurth Company.

1890: The business is handed over to Paul Wurth, a young engineer, whose pioneering spirit deeply marks the company's history. Initially, the firm specialises in metal erection works, especially the construction of metal bridges and blast furnace shells.

1900: The Company employs 40 people.

1907: The first 1-meter Grey-beam is manufactured by Paul Wurth.

1909: The company counts 275 blue-collar and 24 white-collar employees. With the help of Eugène Ruppert, Paul Wurth looks for outlets in China. 

The turning point

1920: The company is incorporated under the name Société anonyme des Anciens Etablissements Paul Wurth.

1926: Paul Wurth sells his share to ARBED.

1951: Paul Wurth acquires from a British steel firm the licenses needed to supply complete blast furnaces with all the accessories.

1954: Construction of the first blast furnace for S.A. Métallurgique d’Espérance-Longdoz in Seraing, Belgium.

1969: The Paul Wurth engineers invent a revolutionary new blast furnace charging system: the Bell Less Top?. Herewith Paul Wurth holds a patent which is of interest to iron & steelmakers the world over.

Towards an international engineering company

1977: Société Anonyme des Anciens Etablissements Paul Wurth becomes Paul Wurth S.A. From this time on Paul Wurth becomes an international market leader to the ironmaking industry. A first subsidiary is incorporated in Brazil. In the following years a worldwide network of entities is set up.

2003: Paul Wurth creates together with Dango & Dienenthal Maschinenbau GmbH the joint company TMT Tapping Measuring Technology specialised in the blast furnace tapping and measuring technologies.

2004: Paul Wurth transfers its fabrication activities to ArcelorMittal Dommeldange, and is now a pure engineering company.

2004: Paul Wurth acquires the German engineering company Didier - M&P Energietechnik GmbH, specialized in the field of hot blast stove technologies and refractory and lining concepts for blast furnaces. As from 2006, the legal name of the company changes to Paul Wurth Refractory & Engineering GmbH.

2005: Paul Wurth S.A. takes over the blast furnace, coke making and direct reduction activities as well as the staff from SMS Demag S.p.A. in Genoa, Italy. For this purpose, Paul Wurth Italia S.p.A. is created.

2009: Paul Wurth S.A. takes a shareholding in CTI Systems S.A., a leading provider of intralogistics solutions for heavy-load applications Paul Wurth’s stake in CTI Systems is increased over the years, before the company is consolidated within the SMS group in 2016.

2012: Paul Wurth acquires a 50% stake in Paul Wurth IHI Co., Ltd in Japan, a joint venture with IHI Corporation.

2012: SMS group acquires a 59.1% majority stake in Paul Wurth, taking over the shares previously owned by ArcelorMittal (48.1%) and Luxempart (11%). Paul Wurth becomes part of the SMS group.

2014: Paul Wurth takes over the cokemaking segment of the German company Schalker Eisenhütte Maschinenfabrik and reinforces its coke oven technology portfolio by adding coke oven machines.

2014: Paul Wurth signs a Construction License Agreement with Kobe Steel for building Midrex gas-based direct reduction plants.