PLD is a de-oiling process jointly developed by Paul Wurth (engineering & equipment) and Lhoist (cement producer).

The PLD process consists in an exothermal chemical reaction controlling oil oxidation at low temperature. The process uses a specifically designed MHF which allows intimated mixing of oily materials with a specific lime and a slow oxidation of oil. The output is a dry fluid iron oxide with a remaining oil content of less than 0.1%. With 6 hearths and 4m diameter, the PLD MHF is typically configured for treating around 25 000 tpy of oily materials. The design can be adapted to bigger volumes (up to 75 000 tpy).

While the main purpose of the PLD technology is to process oily sludge generated by rolling mills, it also provides also an efficient answer for treating any type of oil polluted materials or soils. 

PLD de-oiling