The efficient operation of the modern blast furnace requires a high degree of automation in conjunction with computerised monitoring and control systems.
For each Paul Wurth Technology / Equipment, we offer Level 1 Automation (PLC and HMI systems). A dedicated team of specialists has developed advanced process control for any specific process.

Beyond general automation tasks advanced functionalities are covered by Paul Wurth’s Level-2 Automation solutions.

Paul Wurth’s Blast furnace level-2 system BFXpert? combines process models and expert systems for data analysis and process optimization. It supports BF operators in optimizing the stability and costs of hot metal production, while being assisted by a knowledge-based system. Treatment of process data further assists in reporting performance indicators and production figures.

Designed for operator assistance and process optimization, BFXpert can make a significant contribution to cost and energy saving programs.

Similar specific systems are available for associated processes such as coke making and sintering, thus allowing even a plant-wide optimization.

Furnace Automation & Supervisory Systems